How Do You Use It?! August: Sentence Strips! (linky party)

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It is that time again….time for my monthly linky party!!  Check out how I use common objects in my speech room!  Keep reading and view below to see how other SLPs/bloggers use them as well!

This month's object: sentence strips!!

There are several ways I use sentence strips in my therapy room.  I can use them on post-its, index cards, dry erase boards, on top of worksheets, or even using the following products:

Why use sentence strips?!  They are a great way to encourage expanded utterance length!!  I like to use cloze sentences on them to model how to respond or describe using expanded utterances.  Some samples of teaching the following targets:

  • Possessive pronouns: “This is his _____.”
  • Sequencing/transition words: “First _____” “Finally _____”
  • Categorization: “The _____ is a fruit.”
  • Describing: “The _____ is yellow.” “The _______ has a wheel.”
I LOVE sentence strips so much, I often include them in my TpT products!!  I often use Boardmaker symbols when I use sentence strips with my nonreaders or poor readers.  Check out below some products that use these sentence strips:
I hope you find these ideas helpful!  How do you use sentence strips?!  Stay tuned for next month's post!!
Check out below to see how other SLPs/bloggers use sentence strips!
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