133: How To Plan For Your Speech Sessions In Minutes

How To Plan For Your Speech Sessions In Minutes


Are you ready to cut your planning time down drastically? 

In this week’s episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I am sharing how you can plan your speech therapy sessions in minutes. Yes, you read that right! Not weeks, not hours—minutes. This is my framework for planning my speech therapy sessions in minutes, and sometimes even seconds. 

Planning for each individual student on your caseload would take hours, which no one wants to do. If you have been following me for a while, you know that no matter what goal I am working on in the classroom, I like to plan my lessons around a theme or concept to make planning easier. 

We only have so much time to get our lesson planning done for our students. We have to work smarter and not harder when it comes to lesson planning for all of those kids. Using themes is just one of the ways I do that. 


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Why using themes in your lessons helps you plan faster
  • How I use the same text for each student and work on different goals
  • Why you should only write a few goals per student
  • The five things you need to write down to make lesson planning easier
  • My favorite easy tools to use in the classroom for any goal


I hope you found this episode helpful! We want our students to be successful and build confidence, and we can do that by quickly planning lessons that help them reach their goals. 

Ready to get your lessons planned faster? I have just what you need. I designed a brand new freebie to make it easier to plan quickly for your older speech students. It gives you space to jot down the goal, the objective, how you’ll teach it, what materials you need, and how you will track and assess data. Grab it here! 

I have a webinar coming up this week that is all about planning with ease and confidence for your older speech students. You’ll also learn so many tips and tricks that will help you feel confident this school year along with a certificate of completion for showing up. We also have a pop-up Facebook group that's only available for this week that will give you bonus trainings and tons of giveaways. Register here! 


How To Plan For Your Speech Sessions In Minutes


Joke of the Week:

Q: Why did the teacher jump into the pool? 

A: He wanted to test the water. 


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