I Know I’m An SLP But I Do Like Teacher Discounts!

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I am always battling that I'm an SLP and not a teacher.

But when it is convenient, I must admit, I like to use teacher discounts.

There aren't many SLP discounts and we do work with children so WHY NOT!?

One benefit of being an SLP is getting teacher discounts at a variety of retail stores! Although you may forever be arguing that you are NOT an SLP, you can still take advantage of the special discounts for teachers. Click through to find out some stores with awesome teacher discounts!

I will share with you my favorite places to whip out my school ID card!

I am a member of Lakeshore Learning's Teacher Club.  I am fortunate to have one of their store locations within 30 minutes of my home/school.  I get to save 15% off in store purchases and I get special offers in the mail and e-mail.

Office Depot has a rewards program for teachers.  You can earn rewards points and get 10% back.

Staples also has a rewards program for teachers.  I am constantly stopping there since there is one in the town I work in.  I love getting my reward coupons in the mail!  You get 5% back, free shipping, and recycled ink incentives (um HELLO!  SLPs love ink!)

Michael's gives 15% off to teachers.  Just show your ID when you check out!  I am always going there for a quick art project supplies.

Barnes and Nobles gives 20% off for teachers.  Just show your school ID to get a card!

LOFT loves teachers!  Go in and show your ID for discounts or sign up online.  You can get 15% off clothes for work and they also have teacher appreciation days for even more discounts!  I have gotten great business suits for interviews there using this discount!

The Container Store has a discount program to help teachers stay organized!  Sign up online and just show your ID for in store purchases.


FedEx has a national educators discount that gives 15% off!

And last but not least, I use my Verizon discount on my cell phone account!  I keep the account for my family in my name and used my school ID when I opened the account for 19% off!

There are TONS others of stores and websites that cater to educators but these are my favorites and those that I have yet to have any difficulties using.  Did I miss any that you love?

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