Ice Cream Adjectives!


Want more fun ways to work on adjectives in speech?


Ice Cream Adjectives!

My Adjective Aliens activity has been such a hit, I decided to create another adjectives download to continue working on this tricky skill!

Have fun learning, practicing, and using adjectives with this fun ice cream themed activity pack!


In this file:
-Sort by Senses:  Students will sort the adjectives by the senses used to determine that quality.

-Describing Cones:  Each cone will have an adjective.  Students will have to add the ice cream scoops (nouns) to the appropriate cone.  Which cone will have the most scoops!?  Your students can have fun guessing!

-Color by Adjective: Students must express a noun that can be described by each adjective in order to color the picture provided!

-Board Game:  Print and laminate the game.  Students can take turns rolling a dice and moving across the board.  On each spot they land on, there will be an adjective.  They must express a noun that can be described by that adjective in order to complete their turn.

-Listening for Adjectives:  Students will pick a card and hand it to a teacher/SLP/peer to read.  They must listen to the sentence and express the adjective they heard.  If they pick the “sweet tooth” card, they get an extra turn.  At the end of the game, students can count how many cards they have.  The student with the most cards is the winner.

-Complete the Sentence Card Game:  Students will pick a card and express an adjective to complete the cloze sentence provided.  Once they respond with an adjective that makes the most sense, they can hold onto their card.  Each card has a point value, 1-5.  Once all of the cards are used or time runs out, students can add up their points to determine a winner.

-Review Worksheet

-Adjective Word Search

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