If You Give A Mouse A Cookie: Storybook Companion Pack!

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One story I love to use in therapy is, IfYou Give A Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff.


This story is great for targeting cause/effect, why questions, sequencing, and so much more!  I created a fun activity pack to help address these goals!

In this file:

-Sequencing Cards: Big version can be used as large visuals while telling and retelling story.  If you print two copies of this version, students can play memory matching games with the vocabulary.  Small version can be used for sequencing on construction paper or a paint stick.

-Sentence Strip:  Use with sequencing cards.

-Verb Sort: Sort the verbs from the story into past, present, and future tense.

-Go Together Matching Cards: Vocabulary based on story.

-Comprehension Board Game:  Students can practice their recall and comprehension skills on the task cards to move across the board game.  Various question types are used for practice.

-Cause-effect:  Students must express the effect based on the cause provided.  A visual is provided to assist students.  If the student picks the “mouse,” they lose a turn.  Student with the most cards at the end is the winner.

-Compare/Contrast Worksheet: Venn Diagram to compare/contrast a real mouse vs. the mouse in the story.

-School vs. Home Sorting Worksheet: Sort the picture into the correct category based on where you would find the items provided.

-Articulation Cookies:  Each card will have a picture/word with the target sound.  The card will also have a cookie with a point value.  The number will let the student know how many times they must produce the target sound.  Once the sound is accurately produced, the student may hold onto the card.  Once the game is completed, the students may add up their points to determine a winner!
-Sounds included: /k/ initial position, /s/ final position

Access this download HERE!

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