214: Interest-Based Therapy

Interest-Based Therapy

Looking for ways to get your students more involved, more engaged, and seeing more results? 

You have to try interest-based therapy! 

Many of us struggle with keeping our students engaged and motivated- especially our older ones. They are lifers. They've been coming to speech for years. They are bored of it. They are tired of it. They're embarrassed about it. 

They are aware of their academic difficulties and they don't want to be doing it anymore. 

So instead of fighting the fight and trying to get them to engage in the activities you choose,  how about we flip the script and focus more on their interests? We can show them that that speech can actually be fun and relevant to them! 

By using interest-based therapy, therapy is going to be more enjoyable and it's going to significantly impact the overall success and progress of your students.

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What interest-based therapy is and why it works- particularly with older students
  • How you can implement interest-based therapy into your lessons
  • Activity ideas you can do based on your student's interests
  • How to intrinsically motivate your older students 
  • Why building rapport and checking in with your students is essential 
  • Some free resources to use with interest-based therapy 

I hope you found this episode inspiring! I challenge you to go out there and try interest-based therapy! You’re going to love the interest, engagement, and progress you see with your students. 

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Joke of the Week:

Q: How does a computer stay cool? 

A: It keeps the windows open.

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