Introducing: Cute Food & Puppet Workshop by Jump App! ((App Reviews & Giveaways!))

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Are you looking for more apps that can elicit TONS of language and are motivating as well!?  Jump App has those apps for you!  Keep reading to learn more about 2 of their apps and to get an opportunity to win a copy for yourself!

Cute Foods – Cooking App For Kids:
This is a brand new app and it is so much fun to use!  Students can pick an image and use food to “paint” it or bring it to life!!

In the main screen, by clicking the “arrow” you will be able to start!

Above you will see one page of the images to pick from!  There are 20 ready to go images and 4 options to “name that dish” which means student can create their own independent images without the black lines or tracing lines.

Above you will see the palm tree picture I decided to use (can you tell I have summer on my mind!).  By clicking the “carrot” (vegetables) or “cherry” (fruit) students will be presented with a HUGE variety along the side to pick from.  All they have to do is move the images by scrolling to get more variety and different shapes and sizes.

To use, touch the food and drag it onto the plate.  Once the student places it into the desired areas, they can move/rotate them and make them bigger/smaller using the green circles seen above!

By clicking the “eyeball” on the bottom left, the black tracing lines are removed.

If students want to change their mind of the images, click the “flower.”  To change the plate design, click the middle blue tab along the right side which looks like a plate.  To change the background, touch the quilt looking blue tab.

Once you are done, touch the arrow on the top left to bring down the options tab.  Above, you can see the “delete” or garbage can image, the camera to take a screen shot, and the audio button to put the music on mute (if too distracting).  Click the home button once finished.  The creation automatically gets placed in the “book.”  Book filled up, or don't want to save them in the app since you saved them in your photos using the screen shot option, on the main page, touch the “for parents” tab on the top right.  You will be brought to the settings and description page as seen below.  There you can see the button to clear the cookbook!

What speech and language goals can this app address?

  • Following directions
  • Categorization & building vocabulary (fruits & vegetables)
  • Answering questions
  • Prepositions
  • Turn taking
  • Describing (colors, sizes, taste)
  • And more!

Have this app?  Considering purchasing this $1.99 app, I have created a free worksheet to use to help work on speech and language goals!  This is a way for students to document what they created!  You can access this freebie by clicking HERE!

Puppet Workshop:
This app has 20 puppet “characters” to pick from!  They each have a name and different themes (seasons, holidays, and generic).



Once your students pick their puppet, it is time to create it!  On the right side there are tabs to pick from.  For all of the objects they add, they can manipulate them using the green circle tabs across the top.  This will allow them to rotate, shrink, or enlarge the items.  They can pick a variety of buttons to create the eyes or however they want to use them!

They can use “string” to create hair or however their imaginations take them!

There are bows, ribbon, zippers, chains, belts and more:

If students click the yellow “shapes” tab, they are given felt shapes to add!


By clicking the “scene” tab on the bottom right, students can change their backgrounds without changing their puppets.  Students can even put their puppets with a picture from “your photos” as the background.  You can have YOUR STUDENTS PICTURE in the background!  Or even their classroom!  I can name so many other ideas!!

Once your students are done, you can take a screen shot using the “camera” tab in the top left.  You can also delete it or turn the background music off.  Once you are done, you can go back to the main screen.  Here you can see my puppet creation in the main page images.  Don't want it there anymore?  Just delete it!

If you want to change any names of the ornaments or the puppets themselves, just tap on them to change it!

What speech and language goals does this app address?

  • Following directions
  • Describing
  • Answering and asking questions
  • Requesting assistance
  • Turn taking
  • Characterization/emotions
  • Creativity/imagination
  • Pretend play
  • Categorization
  • Prepositions
  • And so much more!!

Have this app?  Are you wondering how you can incorporate this $2.99 app into your therapy room?  I created this fun freebie worksheet to use with this app!  This will help students document which objects they used for the various parts of a puppet!  This will help build vocabulary and direct students on what parts are needed in order to create a sock puppet!  You can access this freebie by clicking HERE!

Now it is time for giveaways of these amazing apps!!  I have 3 codes of each to give away!!!  Enter below:



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