Introducing: Fun & Functional! App Review!


I was recently contacted by a representative from Smarty Ears.  They provided me with the opportunity to check out and share for you one of their apps, Fun & Functional!

This app help builds receptive and expressive vocabulary.  It does this using common vocabulary words through pictures.  The app uses their Smarty Symbols which you can use the Custom Boards app to help create follow-up activities easily with your iPad!

Vocabulary Words Addressed:

  • Electronic
  • Clothing
  • Occupation
  • Kitchen
  • Vehicle/Transport
  • School Items
  • Household
  • Outdoor
  • Grooming
  • Misc.
You can alter the settings to a specific category.  You can also select if you want to specifically work on receptive or expressive vocabulary.  Unless working on a specific skill, I preferred using both.  This is why….first the students are presented with a verbal prompt and picture choices (2-4, based on your settings).  The student selects object based on the named object function.
Once selected and identified, students will get the opportunity to express the object function.
Another example:
Are you worried 4 objects presented will be too overwhelming, here is what it looks like to get only 2 presented:
Only working on receptive?  You can select more similar or less:
This app uses “quick play” which means you cannot select specific student profiles.  However, at any time, you can click “done” and you are presented with a data collection form which can be e-mailed (or take a screen shot if you do not have access to wifi.
Learn more about this $9.99 app which is available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad by visiting ITUNES!