Introducing: Language Adventures App!


One app I have been eyeing for quite some time now is Language Adventures  by Smarty Ears.  It looked like it targeted skills I am addressing in my therapy room.  So, when the developers contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying it out and review for all of you, I jumped on the opportunity!  However, just note that the opinions are all mine!

Concept of the app:  this app is a board game that you can play with multiple players.  It works on synonyms, antonyms, and multiple meaning words in the receptive and expressive level.  Below you will the settings you can change for each activity: audio presentation and what happens when incorrect.  I chose to click to remove the incorrect responses.  It allows for students to try again and self-correct.

You can enter in each student and their profile.  You can always edit the profile if you want to switch from receptive to expressive.  You can select multiple vocabulary goals.  However, at this time you can only work on receptive or expressive, not both together for one student.  This app was developed for students of all ages.

Once students profiles are created and selected, it is time to play!  There are three different levels.  I will show you visuals of each level.  Each level has a different theme: playground, cafeteria, classroom.  The vocabulary becomes more complex for each level.

Level 1:

Students are prompted to assist with turn taking.


Students tap the dice when it is their turn.  They then must tap the place they should move to in order to move the game piece.  Once they land, they get their question.  The dice only goes up to 3, which allows for a long and fun game!


Here is an example of an expressive task.  Students must verbally express then you can score them or have them score themselves.  Since I chose to “keep going” in terms of incorrect responses, if I click “missed it” they get a chance to answer again.  I would select “almost” if they required prompting or modeling to respond accurately.


Here is an example of a “bonus” card.  Sometimes students can get advanced ahead, or send backwards.  Makes the game more interesting!


Here is an example of a receptive task.  They are provided with the answers as choices to select.


Uh oh!  If incorrect, those responses are removed to help.


Here is what is displayed when there is a winner!

Level 2:

Here is an example of an expressive task.  Just like the previous level, students can score themselves or you can do it for them!


Just another example!


Here is an example of a receptive task.  Note the cute lunch trays!

Level 3:

Expressive task example.


Receptive task example.

My favorite part, data collection!  This app generates score reports!  You can “share” it which will allow for emailing.  This is great for progress monitoring and forming future lesson plans.

Things I like about this app:

  • Motivating board game
  • Multi-player options and switching off between players
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Options to allow for self-correcting
  • Data collection and progress monitoring
  • Individualized to each student even within a game/activity
  • Functional vocabulary used

Things I would like to see in updates:

  • Options to work on receptive and expressive at same time with one student
  • Ways to preview the vocabulary that will be presented

The developer did want me to mention that in a couple weeks there will be a HUGE update.  They mentioned that the content will be doubling!  More vocabulary more fun!  I definitely recommend checking out this app and adding it to your “try to get” list!  I cannot wait to use this with my students this year!