Introducing: Question Sleuth App! Review & Giveaway!


I was honored to be included in a beta testing for a new app by Zorten Software.  It was such a great experience!  I got to see the process for producing the apps we use in speech therapy every day!  My husband is in IT and it was fun to be more “techie” then him for once!  Anyway, the beta testing is over and it is time to share with the world the app that I have been playing with for weeks!  Keep reading to find out more and learn some tricks I have figured out over the course of the testing and enter to win a copy for yourself!


This app was created to be interactive and practice asking and answering questions.  The concept is to ask the right questions to guess where the “star” is hiding.
Now onto the fun, individualized settings!

When you click “game options” on the main page, you are brought to this page.  Here you see the chips/tokens that the star will be hidden under.  There are many categories to choose from.  You can choose all or use specific categories.  You can even select the items from within the categories!

Are you ready for my favorite part?!  You can make your own!  It is so easy too!  If you click “make own”:

Above you can see me taking Boardmaker visuals that I had emailed to myself as pictures (using Paint on my computer, very easy to do).  The app allows you to use your photos saved on your app, search Internet, or take a photo to make the chips.  I chose to make chips for “adjectives”!

Other chip ideas:

  • articulation sounds
  • synonyms
  • antonyms
  • curriculum vocabulary
  • verb tenses
  • motivating cartoon or movie characters
  • and so much more!

What a fun way to target several goals at once!

Here is a view of the option I had to use all my created chips or selected:

Another setting you can see is up at the top you can select if there will be 2-12 chips used.  The more chips, the more questioning the students will need!

Now it is time to play!  Just click “play!”

Students are prompted to hide a “star.”  Ways to play:

  • you can hide the star and have them question you
  • students can take turns hiding the star and question each other

Above you can see I used all chips (even the adjective chips I created).  Students can ask yes/no questions to help eliminate chips on the board.  Once they know where the chip is NOT, they can remove them from the board!  All you have to do is click the chip then click the “toys” bin on the top.

Can you see the chip above being placed into the box?!  Once the student can identify where the star may be, they just have to click it and click question mark:


You may always “undo” and return any tokens removed if that is how you wish to play.

Kinds of questions to be asked:

  • What is it?  (categories)
  • What can it do? (attributes/functions)
  • Parts of a whole (Does it have ____?)
  • Question form (Is/Does)

Below is how I used my adjectives board:

I was teaching my students that adjectives are descriptions established from our five senses.  I made my students ask questions related to the five questions and the nouns these adjectives may describe to help determine where the star may be!  (It was helpful that these students knew how to ask questions)

I felt it was important to model for my students how to use this app and ask appropriate questions.  I created a visual for my students:

You can grab this freebie here to use with this great app!  To learn more about this app, visit Zorten's website or iTunes.  This fun and motivating app is only $1.99!  But Zorten has provided me with 2 codes to give away!!!  Enter to win below!!
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