Introducing, Rainbow Sentences App


While my computer/Internet is running through the generator, I figured I would post a review!  Going bonkers over here in NY, no power, no work, no nothing!

Anyway,  the generous people over at Mobile Education Store, provided me with a code to review.  However, the thoughts and opinions are all mine!

This app uses the similar format/layout as their other apps.  You can create a user profile:

Adjust settings for that user:

I prefer to use audio instructions and correct answer reinforcement.  When incorrect, it prompts students to try again.  The line and word coloring is great when first starting out.  It helps provide a visual cue for students for placement in sentences.  I will demonstrate the different look later on!

Level 1: Basic sentences with only two parts.  Students are provided with a picture and sentence parts.  They must place the parts in correct order to make a sentence.


As you can see above, by setting the color cues “on”, it provides students with assistance to allow them to be successful and independently.  After the sentence is produced, students can click “play” to hear their sentence or click “I'm done!” to move on.  They could also click “play lesson” which is great for students unable to achieve task.  I recommend showing this lesson first to introduce concept.

Either after lesson or if you clicked “I'm done” students can then record their production of the sentence.  This is great because it taps into the expressive language.

Students are rewarded with puzzle pieces as they get correct responses.  The first sentence is rewarded right away.  Then students must do a sequence of correct responses.  This just makes this activity more fun and motivating!

Level 2: Students are provided with a picture and a three part sentence to put in order.

If you chose to show the lesson.:

Students are provided instructions on the different parts of a sentence and their purpose.

Level 3: There are four parts of the sentence used!

If you turn off the color cues:

This feature is great when you know students comprehend and want to make sure.  Again students are rewarded in each level with puzzle pieces:

Like all of their apps, if you click “stats” at any point you can see how the student did on all levels.

If you click “archives” you can see the recordings produced by your students.  They are saved until you delete them.

Things I like about this app:

  • Works on receptive and expressive language
  • Teaches students about structures of sentences
  • Uses color coding to help cue students
  • Motivating with puzzle piece feature
  • Allows students to correct incorrect responses and reinforces correct ones
  • Fun motivating sentences and pictures
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Data collection and ability to email reports for safe keeping.

Things I would like to see in an update:

  • Ability to work with multiple students at a time.
  • A way to decide which sentences to use in a session.

Overall I think this is a great app with wonderful potential for SLPs.  A little pricey at $7.99, you can learn more about this app by visiting iTunes.