Introducing: Reading Rehabilitation Toolkit App!


I was just notified of a new app from Smarty Ears called Reading Rehabilitation Toolkit.  I was fortunate enough to be provided with a copy to check out and try so I can share it with all of you!  This app was designed for those working with adults but I can see how it can easily be adapted for working with school aged students.  Keep reading to learn more about this $9.99 app:




This app was created by a Speech-Language Pathologist and includes 6 different activities.  It automatically links up with the Therapy Report Center application.  You can chose to use the “quick start” or pick a student/client from the list you have generated so you can track the data.

The 6 activities:
1.Word-Images match: In this activity, the app provides your student or client with a word and an image.  They must match accordingly using their phonics and reading skills.  Then students have the opportunity to read and record their responses and rate their reading skills.


2.Image-Words match: This activity is the reverse of the above.  Students/clients are provided with an image and they must select the correct word using their reading skills.  Again, you can record the production of the word.  This is great for articulation, self-correction, and extra practice.


3.Phrase-Images match: This activity provides users with one phrase and they must identify the corresponding image.  Just like the other activities, again they can record their responses after they have selected the appropriate image.


4.Image-Phrases match: This activity is the reverse of the above.  They are provided with an image and they must select from choices the appropriate phrase.

5.Read & Answer: Users must attempt to read simple questions and answer based on the provided scenes.  This works on answering questions and reading comprehension.

6.Phrase Building: This activity shows an image and three words.  Students/clients must read the words and understand how to put them together to produce a short phrase.  This activity requires a variety of skills and is the highest level of them all.  Once they have moved them into the appropriate phrase placement, they can practice reading it out loud and record it.


Skills this app works on:

  • Reading
  • Phonics
  • Word finding
  • Vocabulary
  • Syntax
  • Expanding utterances
  • Answering questions
  • Comprehension
  • Self-monitoring and self-correction
  • I don't currently work with adults but I can see how this app would be great for those working with adults with aphasia.
Last but not least, this app does collect data and generates score reports.
Learn more about this app by visiting iTunes.