Introducing: Sentence Builder App!


I was fortunate to be provided with the opportunity to try and review Sentence Builder By Mobile Education Store.  Just note that all opinions are mine!  I am very excited to share this app with you!

This app has a very similar format to their other apps like, Question Builder.  You can enter a student's name, decide which level you would like to work on, and other settings you can view here:

I like to provide my students with audio instructions since that is how they receive instructions in the classroom.  You must remember to click “original game module” under “available packs” before clicking “play” to start.  There are in-app purchases of teen boy and teen girl if you are interested.  I do not work currently with teens, therefore, I did not purchase those!

This app helps students increase sentence length with complex grammatical concepts.  It provides options in a wheel and a picture to describe.  Students must move each section to the word that will make the most sense to describe the picture.

Level 1: Notice how 2 sections do not need to be changed.  This is a more basic level.

Level 2:  The sentences get longer and more complex.  There is also only 1 section that does not require changing.  It helps to encourage students to try each one!  Which can we rule out first?!  For example, this picture below is clearly a boy, therefore we can rule out “she” and “me.”

Level 3:  Again, the concepts are more complex in this level.

Once students select the sentence, they click “select” to get rewarded or reinforced if incorrect.  They are rewarded with a cute graphic and verbal praise.

At any point, if you would like to quit (ran out of time, student is struggling, or has proven they understand concept), you can click “stats” to get results.

Since there are no save for later or emailing options, I recommend taking a screen shot of this page to save.

My recommendations for use:

  • Make sure your students have mastered the pronouns, verb tenses, and describing words used in the pictures
  • Teach students to try all and rule out definite incorrect answers
  • Encourage thinking aloud and talking it out.  Discuss what they see in each picture.  Write some options on a dry erase board or paper to help guide them.
  • I recommend using this app with older students (older elementary and older)

Things I like about this app:

  • Cute pictures and graphics
  • Multi-level for individualized needs
  • Allows for multiple attempts
  • Gathers data for a student
  • Fun way to work on a difficult skill
  • Easy to use and navigate

What I would like to see in updates:

  • Allow for multiple users at a time
  • Score saving and emailing for progress monitoring
  • A way to select specific pictures/concepts to use instead of providing picture/sentences at random

Overall, I think this is a great app for an affordable price ($5.99).  Many of you have mentioned that you are looking for more materials/apps for working on grammar and sentence structure.  This is one to look into for that!