Introduction to Prefixes!

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Are you looking for new ways to work on expanding vocabulary?!  Are you sick of just drilling vocabulary words and getting no where?!  Are you looking for a way to teach your speech and language students new vocabulary in a way that they can carryover into their academic classrooms?!  I love to work on root words, prefixes, and suffixes for this purpose.  By understanding each of those, what they mean, and common ones they may see, this will help them make educated guesses of unknown vocabulary words they may come across.  I created a fun new activity pack to work on introducing prefixes for this purpose!

It is important for language delayed students to understand roots and prefixes of words.  This will help them to determine meaning of unknown vocabulary words when they approach.  It will also help them use common vocabulary words appropriately.

What's included?
-Prefix visual with definition is provided.
-5 common prefixes are introduced.  (re, dis, mis, pre, un)

For each one:
-Visual is provided
-Poster with 6 sample words to use to start with has been provided.  I recommend using this poster to show students how the meaning of the word changes when you add the prefix.  “What’s the meaning of the root word?”  “Now, add the prefix, what is the meaning now?”
-Memory matching:  Students can match the root word to the word with the prefix to practice expressing how the words go together and how the meanings change.
-Memory matching:  Students can match the word with the prefix to its definition.
-Review worksheet:  The 6 words used in the poster are used in cloze sentences.  Students can read the sentences, determine its meaning and select which word would best fit the sentence.  I did not include a word bank because you can use the poster as a word bank if desired.

Different colored borders are used for each prefix to make it easy to grab and go!

**A review chart with all the prefixes is provided as well as a review worksheet using all 5 prefixes and a “who can name more” worksheet to see who can use more words with each prefix (great for carryover of skill).

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!