Language Trainer (App Review & Giveaway)!!

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Smarty Ears has come out with another great app, Language Trainer!  It was created by an SLP and is designed for working on vocabulary, word finding, stuttering, and receptive/expressive language.

You can use this app with your Therapy Report Center, which is a great way to keep all data together in one spot.

There are four different activities to select from:

  • picture identification
  • picture naming
  • divergent naming
  • sentence completion
Below is a view of the settings you can alter:
You can also modify the database.  This is great if you know students would not recognize vocabulary such as beets, pomegranates, or buffalo.  This is also good if you use a different label for some items based on your geographic location (i.e. soda, lollipop).
Picture Identification:
Students are presented with two-three-four-five images and a verbal label.  They must select the image that they hear.  This will easily track receptive vocabulary.  You can informally have them repeat the label, categorize, or describe it (but the app won't track those responses).  Students can click “repeat” if they need repetition.


At any time, you can click “done” to complete the activity.  Student responses are scored and saved for data collection.  Once you click “done” you are automatically brought to the report center.  You can view report or can view it later.  Just click “back” to go back to menu.
Picture Naming:
Students must name the picture presented.  They can have their verbal responses recorded and played back.  You can score they responses, other group members can score it for them, or the students can score themselves.  There is even a button to indicate if they had to be “cued” in order to respond!  This is great for data collection!!!
Divergent Naming:
Students must verbally complete the tasks presented.  Responses can be recorded and played back.  Again, scores are marked and can be marked by you or the students.  I love that each of the two responses required gets their own “markings.”  I find my students often can name 1 item but have trouble coming up with more.  This task will be great for those with word finding difficulties.


Sentence Completion:
Students must complete the phrases presented verbally.  Again, just like all other verbal tasks, the responses can be recorded/played back and marked.  This activity also has the “cued” button which is AWESOME!!
At any time, you can view the report center.  Reports are sorted by activity and date completed.  I love all the amazing information provided!!


I also love that you can “add notes” right into the app.  I am very forgetful and always wish I “wrote it down.”  Well, this app lets you keep all of that great information together!
Just like all other Smarty Ear's apps, you can share this information!  You can open in Therapy Report Center, iBooks, email the reports, dropbox, print, or just copy.
Want to learn more about this great $14.99 app!  Click HERE!
Smarty Ears was EXTREMELY generous and provided me with ANOTHER copy of this app to give away!!!

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