104: Want to Learn More About Embedded Speech in the Classrooms? with Pamela Petralia

Want to Learn More About Embedded Speech in the Classrooms? with Pamela Petralia




Have you heard of embedded speech in the classroom? 

Embedded speech is basically when a speech therapist is in the classroom working with the teacher, or special education teacher, to reach student goals together. It’s a slightly more unique approach, but the collaboration is highly beneficial to our speech students. 

By using this model, you can work together to help your students reach those goals and standards that may have felt unattainable before. 

Wondering how it works? This episode of SLP Coffee Talk is for you! Pamela Petralia joined me to talk about what this is and how you can implement it in the classroom in a way that feels collaborative and beneficial for you, the teacher, and your students. 

Pam has been a special education teacher for over 20 years and has worked in a variety of settings (self-contained, resource, k-2, middle school, etc.) She is the owner and creator behind Mrs. P's Specialties. 

Pam is passionate about helping teachers find ways to engage students in meaningful activities that are tailored to their needs and levels without sacrificing their personal & family time.  


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What embedded speech therapy is
  • How to structure the schedule in a way that is beneficial to you and the teacher
  • Tips for collaborating with the teacher to help students meet the standards 
  • How to help your students work on academic tasks they normally would not be able to
  • How to structure activities so you can both get the time you need with your students
  • The top 3 benefits of embedded speech in the classroom


Pam has so much experience and I loved hearing her share the benefits of this type of model. While it may seem like more work for you to have to collaborate on your lesson plans, it really helps your students, and that is the reason we do what we do. 

If you are interested in learning more about Pam and embedded speech, follow her on Instagram and check out her website here.

If you are looking for some resources to help your students work on their life and pragmatic skills, check out my Life Skills bundle. You'll receive a variety of language activities related to life skills themes in this bundle, which I know your students will love!

Want to Learn More About Embedded Speech in the Classrooms? with Pamela Petralia

Joke of the Week:

Q: How does a penguin build its house? 

A: It glues it together. 


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