27: Let’s Chat Aural Rehab with Fara Augustover

aural rehab

Many of your SLP students will struggle with auditory challenges and hearing loss that impact their ability to communicate. 

For these students, you will need to make accommodations in your therapy sessions for those challenges to help them make progress. 

Luckily my guest in this episode, Fara Augustover, has a specialty in auditory oral therapy for individuals with hearing loss, auditory processing disorder, and other listening challenges.

Fara is a Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and the founder of Island Wide Speech. In today’s episode she shares tips for working with students with hearing loss and how to help determine if your student is struggling with an articulation concern or a hearing challenge. 



In This Episode You’ll Discover: 


  • The inspiration behind Fara’s children’s book 
  • Why it is important to use audiograms with your clients
  • How to be an advocate for students with hearing loss
  • Why it’s beneficial to work together with an audiologist 
  • Two common “technology” issues with hearing devices
  • What the auditory skill hierarchy is
  • How to use an acoustic hoop in your sessions
  • Ways you can work with students with hearing loss through teletherapy


aural rehab; speech therapy


I hope that after hearing my conversation with Fara you feel ready to dive in with your students with hearing challenges. Plus, who else is going to RUN to the store to get an acoustic hoop? Let us know how it works out in your therapy sessions! 


Joke of the Week: 


Q: Why shouldn’t you tell a secret on a farm? 

A: I’ll tell you why! The potatoes have eyes, the corn has ears and the beans stalk.


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