Let’s Plant A Seed

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Thank you for all that voted in my survey!  I love to know what activities you are looking for in order to help out my fellow speechies!  I will keep trying to do surveys like that.

Well, most people wanted more vocabulary and wh- question activities.  I created another book activity to go along with the spring theme.  Each page has community helper vocabulary as well as planting seeds vocabulary.  There are opportunities for repetition and recalling of sequences as well.  The last page of the book can be used as a worksheet to assess recall.  Each page has a “who” question on it review community helper vocabulary.  You can also add your own “what” questions such as “what is he planting?” and “where” such as “where is the seed going?”.  Grab the book here!

You can do a follow up activity of planting a seed yourself and watching it grow.  “What do we put the seed into?”  “Where should we keep our planted seeds?” “What do we need to give it so it can grow?”  “When will our plants grow?”

What other planting seeds activities do you use in your speech rooms?!  I would love to hear!!


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