115: Literacy-Based Therapy Part 2: During Reading Activities

Literacy-Based Therapy Part 2: During Reading Activities




Let’s talk about activities you can do while reading in speech therapy! 

This episode of SLP Coffee Talk is part two of my three-part series on literacy-based therapy activities. In the last episode, we talked about different activities you can do before starting a book or text in your speech therapy classroom.  In this episode, we are diving into what to do while they are reading.

There are so many benefits to doing during-reading activities in speech. It allows students to monitor their own comprehension and understanding of the text, and it also allows us to monitor their understanding as well and see what areas they need a little extra help with. 

During-reading activities are beneficial to both students and SLPs. The students get a deeper understanding of their own reading comprehension. Showing students how to use these strategies when we aren’t around will build their confidence and show them that they can be successful on their own just like their peers.


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Why during reading activities are so important
  • What we can do while our students are reading
  • The importance of modeling so students know what to do when we aren’t around
  • Different comprehension strategies you can use while reading
  • Why students need to take notes while reading, not after


If you haven’t already, make sure to check out part one of this series on before-reading activities. Next, I will be diving into after-reading strategies that you can use in speech therapy to finish out your literacy-based therapy activities. 

If you are looking for some easy, engaging, and unique reading speech therapy activities for your older speech students, make sure you check out SLP Elevate. I always include graphic organizers, tips for teaching the main idea, and other reading resources for your therapy sessions. You’ll also get exclusive monthly themed, minimal-prep activities and a community of SLPs ready to support you. 


Literacy-Based Therapy Part 2: During Reading Activities


Joke of the Week:

Q: What do you get when you throw a million books into the ocean? 

A: A title wave. 


Resources Mentioned: 

Episode 114: Before-reading activities

Check out SLP Elevate


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