Love It & List It! Linky! (HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES!)

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It is that time of the month again, (no, not that one)…but linky party time hosted by Jenna over at Speech Room News!  This month….holiday activities!!

I have been posting like crazy (facebook, blog, and instagram) my favorite holiday activities that my speech kiddos have been busy working on.  Below are some highlights:

We have been busy working on listening and understanding key story elements with my “Next Stop North Pole” activity!  Click here to view my latest blog post about this activity!  Click HERE to learn more about this activity!

We have also been busy making ugly Christmas sweaters!!  My students thought this was HYSTERICAL!!  I was shocked to see how many did not know the humor behind the concept “ugly Christmas sweater.”  I found some clean/appropriate images on Google Images of people wearing these sweaters to show them!  Click HERE to learn more about this activity and using it to work on listening for details, following directions, and describing.

Do you love Brennan Bear?  This adorable story/activity comes from Linguisystem's Listening for Language All Year ‘Round book!  I took the visuals it came with and added some Boardmaker symbols to make the story completely interactive!  This helped my students understand the vocabulary and recall the sequences!  They had so much fun placing the various items into the stocking (prepositions and following directions) and then competing to answer questions about the story heard!  They even wanted to retell the story themselves!

Of course the Old Lady came to visit!!  My students LOVE when she comes out to play!!  I like to use my sentence strips made from Boardmaker symbols to help my students express my target in complete utterances.  As you can see above, we were working on answering “why” questions using “because!”

There were SOOOO many more activities jumping around my therapy room the last few weeks but I'd hate to make you read a post a million pages long!