Love It & List It: Social Skills! (Linky Party)

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As SLPs, we are often consulted about or work directly with students with social skills goals.  Although in my district/building, the social workers/school psychologists take on this role primarily, I often address these skills indirectly while working on language goals or to teach my students the language skills necessary in order to then work on social skills with the other professionals.  Thanks to Jenna over at Speech Room News, it is that time again to link our blog posts.  This month's topic is SOCIAL SKILLS!

Here are some common phrases/prompts/questions you can hear me say in my speech room to address pragmatic skills goals:

  • “Is that what we are talking about?”
  • “Look at your neighbor and tell them it is ‘YOUR TURN'!”
  • “If our topic is ____, should we be talking about ____? How about ___?”
  • “Let's keep the conversation going!”
  • “Tell me more!”

Over the last 2 years, I have blogged about several social skills activities that I use in my therapy room.  Below I have provided links to my favorites!

Those are just several of my top favorite social skills posts.  You can easily find ALL of mine by clicking the “social skills” tab at the top of the blog!!
Below are more of my favorite games/books/products to work on social skills:


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