Low Prep Therapy Ideas Using Binder Rings


Do you have binder rings?  Do you know what they are?  Want to learn more about why I love them so much and how I use them!?

Low Prep Ideas using Binder Rings

What are binder rings?  They are metal rings that can open and be used to hold visuals, task cards, and more.  They are great for having items ready to go at a moments notice.  They are also amazing for SLPs that have small therapy rooms!  They allow you to keep things together, hang for grab and go, and can even hang from a lanyard!  (below are some Amazon Affiliate links of the different sized binder rings)








Take index cards, a hold punch, and a binder ring and you can easily make a visual for any need.  I love using these to give students their strategies to go!  Below you can see, I made a strategy for students that can just display on the therapy table (or desk in classroom) if they are struggling and don't want to ask for help, or to remind them of what they can ask if they need help rather than “I don't know.”

Visuals using Binder Rings

Do you love visuals and want to just display them?  Below you can see how I just hang my visuals (like my Board Game visuals) using a magnetic clip!

Binder Clips to hang Visuals

Some other visuals I love to hang?  My conversation starters, these articulation cues from Speechy Musings, visuals to go from The Speech Bubble SLP,and my asking basic questions visuals.

I also love to use binder rings to keep task cards together such as with Kristine Lamb's grab and go packs,  The Dabbling Speechie's Parts of Speech Sentence Flips, Nicole Allison's articulation/vocabulary cards, and Busy Bee Speech's task cards for articulation.

Do you use binder rings?  For organization?  Easy to manipulate visuals?  Hanging purposes?  I would love to hear!  Comment below and let me know!