Main Street Memory! (APP REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY!!)

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Virtual Speech Center has done it AGAIN!!  They developed another amazing app that I am so excited to add to my app list!  Keep reading to learn more about this app and how you can win a copy for yourself!

This app, like their others allows you to alter the settings to meet the needs of your students.  One of  my favorite settings is the “background noise.”  This is GREAT for students with auditory processing difficulties.  You can add/remove as well as alter the volume!

This app allows you to add students which stores them into the app itself.  This is great for progress monitoring.  Adding a student is really quick and easy and only takes a few seconds.  I love that you can work with multiple students at a time and track each one's progress separately.  You can also make the app session individualized as well.

Once you pick a student. you can decide where you want to go in the real life contexts.  The tasks of this app easily relates to functional community situations.  There are three stores: Jin's Jewels, Pia's Pizza, and Sweet Shop.

Once you decide where you are going, you can decide the level of the directions that will be presented.

Students can have fun completing the tasks presented.  You can control the pace by clicking “next” when you are ready.  I like that students can click the “sound” button to hear the directives themselves.  I always try to teach my students to be their own advocates, I love that this app allows them to use that skill.

Jin's Jewels:
You can pick the level:

Students will follow the directions to give the different jewels to the box.


Pia's Pizza:

Your students will LOVE this one!  Pick the level:

Then students can make the pizza by following the directions provided!  So motivating!


Sweet Shop:

Pick the level:

Students will move the named candy items to the counter to complete the directions presented.

If you selected to have students earn a game, then after a selected amount of correct responses (I like 5 which is the default setting) students will get to play a game that is like Pac-Man.  With this game, they again will have to follow the directions!  How motivating!

At any time, you can select to end the activity (you can switch to a different level/store/or just finish. At this point you can view reports, print, and/or email.

You can also view the reports from the main page.  Here all of the reports of all students and all activities are logged.  You can easily find them for each student, and find the specific scores by activity or by date.  I love this because it gives me so many ways of tracking and finding things.

What do I love about this app:

  • Functional vocabulary
  • The directions are relevant to the community and what students or even adults may experience in the world (shopping and working at the various stores/restaurants).
  • The themes are motivating
  • Also teaches functional vocabulary
  • Can use with multiple students, individualized, and so many different levels to chose from
  • Data collection and progress monitoring
  • You can select the pace, background noise, and so many other settings
  • Students can be motivated by the game to pay attention and work hard
Learn more about this great $14.99 app by visiting Virtual Speech Center's website or iTunes.
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