May is Better Hearing and Speech Month Word Search

So I finally got an iPad!!  I am so exciting I have been playing with it all weekend!  There are so many more features I can utilize rather than my tiny iPod Touch I have been using in the meantime.

As May is coming to a close, I realized I have not done ANYTHING for May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!  I decided to create a little word search that could be either placed in my colleagues mailboxes for some entertainment relief or given to my older students that always question me: “Why am I here?!”

I figured this word search could remind students and colleagues about the role of the SLP in the school setting.  It can be used to elicit a conversation or reminders of goals for students receiving services.  You can attach classroom strategies for teachers to remind them of how to carry over skills learned in therapy room.

A word search?!  That's not using my new toy!  Well, I thought of that!  I emailed myself the file from my computer and “opened with” the pdf-notes app.  Now my students could try and find the words and use the pen on the app to write it in.  I figured my students can all get a paper version and then we can review our answers by demonstrating where the words are located in the puzzle on the iPad.

You can get more information on this app here!  You can grab your copy of this word search here!

As I keep playing with my new toy I will post ideas I have come up with!!  Please send me an email or comment if you have ideas that have worked for you!  I would love to share your ideas as well!