Miss Speechie’s Favorite Therapy Games of 2014!

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I cannot believe 2014 is almost over!  Going through my blog posts of 2014, it is fun to reflect on all that occurred in my therapy room this year!  So much learning and growing!  I love to pair my lessons/activities with a fun and motivating game every once in a while.  If my activity itself is not a game, I pull a fun one from my toy closet.  I have compiled a list of my favorite ones of this year!

1.  Cariboo

I obviously did NOT purchase this one from Amazon, I found it much cheaper on EBay.  I know many SLPs have found it on EBay or at local thrift shops.  I personally never have any luck at thrift shops so I paid a little bit more to get it.  Ok A LOT more then some of those that got if for like less than $5 but still was worth it.  I wish this company will make it again!  So many SLP uses!!  My students are loving this new addition to my speech room.  I can take any picture/target and place them on the “doors.”  Students can work on taking turns, requesting the key, answering questions to get a turn, and so much more!

2.  Crocodile Dentist

This is another new one for my therapy room.  No batteries required.  Just open up the mouth and students can take turns pushing down teeth after they complete a task/answer a question.  The crocodile's mouth will randomly close when a certain tooth is pushed but it switches each time!  My students try to figure out if they can guess which tooth it will be!  They love it!  So motivating and no set up required!


This fun BINGO-like game is great for students working on basic vocabulary and turn taking.  My students love taking turns being the announcer and using the “Zinger.”   I have also worked on “I have ___” “You have ____” and “No one has ____.”  I like to make a “no one has” pile so students can place the chips in a specific spot.

4.  Hi Ho Cherry-O

This is a cute and fun way to reinforce after students answer/work on a target.  But it also a fun way to work on turn taking, concepts more/less in/out empty/full and so much more.

5.  Lids ‘n Lizards

This one is a Super Duper Inc game that I actually got on Zulily.  It  is a great way to work on categories, vocabulary naming, concepts over/under, and more.  I created a “grass” visual and students can place the lizards in the grass after they find it.

I obviously use TONS more games but these were the fan favorites of 2014.  I have recently purchased several more new games from Zulily.  Stay tuned for a post about them in 2015!

Wondering what some of your other favorite SLP bloggers/TpT sellers use in their therapy rooms in 2014?!

Simply Speech loves Pop The Pig!
Natalie Snyders loves to use UNO…”It's a great reinforcer for all ages, and fits easily in a bag or purse for therapy on the go.”
Teach Speech 365 loves to use Pop Up Pirate…”Kids never tire of it for some reason.”
Speech Room News loves Pop Up Pirate, Bumparena, and Cariboo!
Let's Talk with Whitney SLP said she has been wearing out her Don't Wake Daddy game!
Busy Bee Speech has been loving Cariboo, Don't Break the Ice, & Connect Four Launchers!
Dean Trout used Spongebob Ants in the Pants game often!
Sublime Speech has also been using Cariboo as well as Bubble Talk and Taboo Junior.
Psst! Let's Talk has been using Connect Four Launchers, Sneaky Squirrel, Pass the Pigs, and Spot it!
The Dabbling Speechie also loves Bubble Talk!
Do you see a pattern with this Cariboo game?!  It is very popular with SLPs!  I often see posts in Facebook groups asking if it is worth the money, I think so but definitely try to find it in thrift stores and yard sales if possible.  People also suggested posting a request for it on your personal Facebook page to see if anyone out there has it and is willing to pass it along!
Which games were popular in  your speech rooms this year??  I cannot wait to see which games become fan favorites in 2015!
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