Money Main Ideas & Shopping for Sequences!

I decided to make two more skill sets and offer them as a bundle as well!!  Two popular skills requested are main idea and sequencing.  This skills bundle incorporates activities for both (or you can access each separately!)

Money Main Ideas:

Practice learning and expressing main ideas with this fun money themed download.

-Main Idea Visual Poster

-Money Main Idea Match:  Match the supporting details to the appropriate main idea.

-Main Ideas Make Cents Card Game:  Students will draw a card and express the main idea using the strategy provided in the visual poster.  As students respond accurately, they may hold onto their cards.  Each card has a coin worth its value.  At the end of the game, students can add up their money to determine the winner.

-Review Worksheet

You can access this download individually HERE!
Shopping for Sequences:

Practice arranging and expressing sequences with this shopping/money theme!

In this file:

-Shopping for Sequences:  Use the shopping card as a visual for the sequences.  Instruct your students to place the correct sentence cards onto the correct number on the shopping cart.


-Sequencing Cents Card Game:  Students should pick a card and rearrange the sentences on the cards into the correct order.  Each card has a coin on it.  Once all the cards are used, students can add up the values of the coins on the cards to determine a winner.

-Visual:  List of most frequent transition words are provided to assist students in using terms while describing the sequences in the various activities.

-Review worksheets:  Students should rearrange the sentences by placing the correct number next to them.

You can access this activity individually HERE!
Want both???  You can get both activities in ONE download for a discounted price HERE!!