My Favorite Language Apps! (Love It & List It Linky)

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It is that time again, another month's love it and list it linky post, hosted by Jenna over at Speech Room News!  This month's theme: language apps!

Over the past year, I have been learning so much about apps
created by and/or for SLPs.  I have been
enjoying introducing this new method of learning into my speech room and my
students have been enjoying it as well!
What is my favorite part?  Well,
easy motivation for one!  But it is a
great way to target language goals and many apps collect data for you!  I have compiled a list of some of my FAVORITE
apps for targeting language skills.  They
are in no particular order since I love them ALL!
  •    Interactive board game
  • Students love making the dice roll and moving along
    the game boards
  •   Addresses receptive skills as students listen to
    the short sentences prior to the question.
  • Can target receptive skills (multiple choice) or
    expressive (students say answers without choices).
  • MANY goals addressed: wh- questions, synonyms,
    antonyms, multiple meaning words, inferencing, and categories.
  • You can differentiate between the students in
    the group.  They do NOT have to be
    working on the same goal!
  • Collects and saves data!
  • Click HERE to check out my review of this app!


Syntax City:
  • Uses cloze sentences to work on a variety of
    syntax goals.  Students must select the
    correct noun or verb sense to complete the sentence provided with a picture
    clue as well.
  • Students get “rewards” as they continue to
    answer correctly.
  • Can differentiate.  Your students do NOT have to be working on
    the same goal or at the same level!
  • Variety of syntax goals addressed such as “was
    vs. were,” third person singular, irregular past tense, and more!
  • Click HERE to check out my review of this app!


The Bag Game:
  • This app can be adapted and used for your needs.
  • I like to use it for working on describing using
    my EET and asking questions.
  • Students can take turns hiding an object into a
    bag.  The rest of the group must ask
    questions to try and guess what it is.  I
    teach my students to use the EET to guide them (“what group is it in?” “what is
    it made of?”).
  • TONS of choices of objects to pick from and
    seasonal pictures are also included.
  • Click HERE to learn more about this app!
These are just a FEW of my MANY favorite apps!  Which are yours?!