My Summer To Do List!

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It is FINALLY here!! Summer vacation! I know many of you around the country have been on summer vacation for weeks now, but here in New York, it has JUST begun! Are you going to have a chill summer vacation this year? Or have you been on sites like booking once-in-a-lifetime trips? I know many people who are going all out this year and have trips planned for each week!

I have never been more excited to see summer! I love working and love being an SLP but everyone deserves a break. It helps me rest, plan, and prepare for another fun filled school year.

I am excited to spend this summer with family and friends. Here are some of my items on my to do list:

  • Clean and organize! I want to go through my closets and get rid of old clothing, shoes, bags, etc. I recently looked at locking filing cabinets reviews and purchased a filing cabinet for my home and need to put more important papers away in it. I would also like to create a better system for finding things in that filing cabinet.
  • Day trips: I have been looking for fun ideas to take my family on sunny and rainy days. Some ideas include an aquarium, children's museum, zoo, farm, beach, and more! I have even considered splashing out and treating myself to things I've always wanted to do, such as taking a helicopter ride. After looking at booking websites such as Jettly, it's become even more tempting!
  • Cook more! With more time, I hope to try out some Pinterest recipes!
  • Fix the air conditioning! This is possibly the most important thing on the list as I cannot bear the thought of a boiling day without the cooling relaxation of a cold house. Luckily, this is covered in my home warranty plan, which is similar to First American Home Warranty (click here), so I can get this repaired without it costing a fortune or affecting any of my other summer plans!
  • Blogging/TpTing! I hope to push myself to blog and create! I hope to try and come up with fun new ideas that can help YOU prepare for the upcoming school year. It can be difficult to stay motivated throughout the summer but I do plan on trying my best! Stay tuned…I have a few ideas all ready planned!