My Winter Storytelling/Writing Guide!

My storytelling guides have been a huge hit!  As we all know, it is important to practice skills to help students achieve them independently.  Therefore, I created a winter story guide!  This guide follows the same pattern as my other ones:

First students will select the key story elements from images provided.  They can always think of their own.  However, I find providing choices helps students with recall and takes one difficult piece out of the equation.

Then students will describe more in detail their key story elements they have selected.  I encourage my students to provide proper nouns, adjectives, and other relevant details.

Once that been achieved, I have students write a rough draft.  This teaches students how to come up with a story in an appropriate sequence using transition words:

Once they sketch out their stories, they are then able to write it out as a complete narrative and illustrate it.  I require my students to draw a picture of the main idea.  This helps address this skill as well.

My students love sharing their creations!  They are so proud of themselves and how easy it can be!  I always complete an entire packet to provide a model!  You can grab this download HERE!