New Year’s Picture Comprehension FREEBIE!

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As I cleaned up my desk and rushed out the door on Friday, I realized I did not have an activity for one group in particular.  I am working on answering questions, expanding utterance length, and social skills with this group.  I often use picture comprehension activities with this group.  I decided to make a New Year's themed worksheet using a cute graphic from  I often elicit conversation with the pictures I present to them and then we practice answering a variety of wh- questions using POQ (part of question) to expand utterance length.  Depending on time, I often have them draw their own picture on the back of the worksheet.  For this New Year's themed worksheet, I will probably have them draw a picture of what they did to celebrate the new year.  I hope you can find this fun freebie worksheet useful in your therapy rooms when you return back to work!  Grab this freebie HERE!