47: Overcoming Overwhelm

slp ep 47

Has 2020 pushed the limits for you on what yu feel like you can accomplish and achieve? I know that I have found myself dealing with overwhelm quite a bit this year. 

As many of us are celebrating the holidays, I wanted to focus on overcoming those feelings of overwhelm in the new year.



In This Episode, You'll Discover:


  • How your internal self talk impacts the way you feel
  • What to focus on when you can increase the hours in a day
  • How your mindset impacts whether you feel overwhelmed or not 
  • Why you should monitor what you are spending your time thinking about 
  • Why your motto should be “done is better than perfect” 



I hope this short and sweet little episode encourages you to let go of the overwhelm by focusing on your thoughts and self-talk. If we focus on thinking positively, we can all have more peace in the new year despite our circumstances. 


Joke of the Week: 


Q: Why is it cold on Christmas? 

A: Because it’s in Decem brrrrrrr.


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