Pinterest Inspired Articulation Ideas

So I have seen various ideas on Pinterest and wondered “how can I use this?!”  Well….I found some ways!!!   The first is the famous clothespin activity.  I know I have seen many ways to use with spelling and reading but I found a way to use it for articulation targets.  I took each of my students' articulation targets and wrote them on clothespins.  I color coded each sound with a different marker color.  Then I wrote a variety of CVC and multi syllabic words on index cards.  I used the target in the initial, medial, and final positions.  I made a ____ where the target sound would go in the word.  I chose to use the same color marker on the clothespin on the index card to help my students (and me to grab and go!).  Feel free to email me if you would like a list of some of the words I used.  Take a look and see!  The hardest part was getting to Michael's to get some clothespins!  Such an easy DIY idea to help work on sounds, while indirectly practicing spelling.  Plus, when I showed my building's Occupational Therapist she loved it too because it addresses fine motor and visual perception skills.

My next idea I like to call, Sound Skiball!  My students love going to Chuck E. Cheese and playing all their games.  Now I can bring it into my therapy room!  I took 4 different colored construction paper.  I folded it in half and cut along the fold.  I taped the pieces together to make them longer.  Then I glued the numbered circled in the middle.  I laminated my 4 strips to make them more durable and last longer.  Then I rolled each one to make a circle by connecting the ends.  The smallest point value is the longest circle, or the full piece.  Then for each remaining circles, I made each one slightly smaller.  I taped them all together at the top.  I got fun buttons since they are lightweight and cheap to use for tossing.  My students were able to toss the button to see which circle they land in.  For that number, they must say their target sound, say a word with a sound, or sentence depending on the levels are they are up to in order to attain that point value.  We kept score on my dry erase board.  It was such a fun way to play and practice at the same time!  You can also use this to practice vocab or any other target.  Just would remove the use of the number to determine how many times they would say the sound.  Can use as a reward for correct responses.  I have provided the numbers that I used.  Grab it here!
I hope you enjoyed my fun ways to use some Pinterest finds.  I will keep my eyes pealed for some more ways to use these great ideas during speech sessions!