Pirate Pragmatics Pack!

Been working hard getting ready for the upcoming school  year.  Before I go in next week to set up, I have been busy making, printing, laminating and more.  While I am still motivated, I will keep going!  This is what happens when I am finally off and everyone else is still working!  Introducing, Pirate Pragmatics Pack!  Graphics were purchased at KPM Doodles.

This activity is great for verbal students that are in social groups or has goals for pragmatic/social skills.  You can also use this activity for students with articulation goals at the conversational level.

Below you will learn more about what is in this bundle of fun!

Good vs. Bad Pirate:  This activity works on appropriate behavior using the pirate theme. Students must sort the sentences into the appropriate category.  All you have to do is print and laminate.  You can choose to use a file folder or other methods for sorting.  Can your students defend their answers?

What should you do? Board Game:  All you have to do is print, glue to file folder and laminate.  You need game pawns and a dice/spinner.  Then you are ready to go!  This activity elicits verbal responses to what students should do in various social and problematic situations.  Can they respond like “good pirates?”  As they respond, they help get the pirate to the treasure!

Emotions to situations matching cards: Do students understand emotions vocabulary?  How about what causes these emotions?  Learn and practice this skill by drilling and playing matching games with these cards.  All you have to is print, glue to card stock or index cards and laminate!  Then you are ready to play!

Conversation Starters: Working on conversation skills?  Here you go!  Can they initiate, maintain, and/or terminate appropriately??  I like to give students a ball to pass back and forth to learn to take turns with conversation.  How about use a timer to designate how long they should discuss?  You can hold a bell and ring it if they go off topic.  All you have to do is print and laminate.

Role Playing Task Cards: Last but not least it is time to act it out.  Can they show you what they will do when you are not around?!  You can record or video them and play it back and discuss.  Can they self monitor?  Can they recognize if they are being a “good pirate” or a “bad pirate?”  All you have to do is print and laminate.  This activities includes situations for school, home, and the community.  Can they recognize where each would take place?

Learn more by visiting my teachers pay teachers store!  I hope you love it as much as I do!