Pizza Party Sequencing Games

Who doesn't love pizza?  I found some adorable clip art at Digi Web Studios.  I knew I had to create another activity that could be used with older elementary students.  Introducing, Pizza Party Sequencing Games!

The following skills will be addressed with this download:

  • auditory comprehension
  • recalling and retelling details
  • understanding sequencing
  • expressing sequences
  • cause/effect
  • whole body listening strategy
  • turn taking

In this pack, you will get a generic board game with the pizza theme.  All you need to do is laminate on a file folder or however you prefer to present your board games.  Then grab your game pawns and a dice/spinner.  I have three game cards to use with this activity.  You can pick and choose with activity you would like to do depending on skills necessary to address.  I recommend making this a week-long activity and doing one skill each day since they build upon each other.

Concept of the game board, help the delivery boy deliver the pizzas to the party!  Students get to move the game pawns over pizza which is motivating in itself!  Once they respond to a task card, they can roll the dice or spin the spinner!

Game 1: Sentence Sequencing!  Students must rearrange the sentences to put them in order.  You can have them read it or you can read it to them.  I like to provide students with dry erase boards to help them take notes and use for rearranging.  This helps them with the processing since it helps them with a visual.  To teach the concept I have rewritten the sentences with one on each index card and have them move around to create an order.  Once they understand concept, they can play game to show understanding of concept.  All you have to do is print and laminate these cards and they are ready for use!

Game 2: What happens next?  Do your students now understand sequence and that things happen in order for it to make sense.  Can they listen to the sentences provided and think about what would happen after?  This incorporates the cause/effect strategy as well.  Can they verbally express their responses?  Again, all you have to do is print and laminate these cards.

Game 3: Recalling Details from Sentences: Can your students practice their “whole body listening” strategy and recall 3 details/events from the sentences presented.  I teach my students to count on their fingers as they listen to help them remember.  Can they express what they recalled?  Can they remember the events/details in order?  You can give bonus points or spins for recalling in order!  Again, just print and laminate these cards.

There are tons of ways you can use these game cards to work on sequencing and auditory comprehension.  What strategies do you use in your therapy rooms?  You can reward students for completing all activities with a pizza party!  You can access this activity pack at my Teachers pay Teachers store here!  Let me know what you think!