Pocket Chart Apps by Good Neighbor Press, Inc! Review & Giveaway!

Do you love pocket charts?  How do you use pocket charts in your therapy room or classroom?  I like to use them for phonological awareness and articulation activities.  They are great for interactive learning.  Well, Good Neighbor Press, Inc has developed apps that were created around this fun teaching tool!  They have Pocket Chart Pro! which is 20 games in one for $4.99!  They also sell each game separately!  I recommend looking through and seeing if it is worth it to get the pro or the individual games for basic skills.  They were generous to provide me codes to try 4 of their game apps and one to give away!!  Learn more about them below then enter to win!

Features of all apps:

  • voice prompts on or off: I recommend on, when you press the cards, it gives a voice output which is great for nonreaders
  • all have a matching feature and provides choices
  • Students are rewarded with a star for correct responses
  • Students can fix responses if incorrect (did not see a star)
  • Once they complete all matches in game, they are rewarded with a “wow” page!

Compound Word Match Game
This app helps work on compound words.  Students are provided with the first word of the compound word and they must match it with the second word.



Position Words: Students are provided with cards with position words and a visual.  They are given 2 pictures and must match it with the appropriate word.  This app is great for those working on “where” questions and spatial concepts.




Rhyming Words Match: Students are presented with 2 words/pictures and 4 choices to match.  They must find one for each rhyming word. This is great for understanding final sounds of words.  Great pre-reading skill!  Makes learning matching fun with the fun pocket chart theme!



Word Families Match Game: Students are presented with 2 word families visual.  They are given 4 pictures and must match 2 to the appropriate word family.  This app is great for also addressing rhyming and pre-reading skills.  Understanding word families is great and correlates to what is being addressed in the classroom.



Each of the separate game apps are $0.99.  So much cheaper than buying several pocket charts!

Things I like about these apps:

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Fun and motivating concept
  • Allows for voice output for nonreaders
  • Rewards correct responses and allows students to correct those they get wrong
  • Doesn't take too long to complete a game
  • Pictures are easy to figure out what they are

Things I would like to see in updates:

  • Ways to collect student data or keeping a score
  • Ways for you to see how many items are left in the game
  • Multi-player feature to make it a game/competition

Overall, I love the concept of this app!  Just note, there are in-app purchase options.  Now time for the giveaway!!  I felt the position words app was most appropriate for SLPs and got one code to giveaway!  Enter below!
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