Potato Peeps Language Games!! 5-in-1!! ((plus a giveaway!))

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When I found this graphics set, I knew I had to make something HUGE!  I wanted to be able to use the same “game” for multiple targets!  Well, it is ready for the world to see!!

Do your students love Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head!?  Well this 5-in-1 download is for you!

Using this file:
-Provide a copy of the “potato peeps” page to each student.  Boy and girl version are provided!  (print and laminate)

-Print, cut apart, and laminate a page of the “potato peeps pieces” for each “potato peeps” page made, enough for each of your students.

-For each game, make a pile of the cards in the center and another pile of the “potato peeps pieces.”  I recommend backing each set with a different color this way you can store them all together and can easily select the cards for the same target.

-Students should pick a card and respond with the target of the game (visual is provided for each target type).   Each card has a “potato peeps piece” on it.  Once students respond accurately, they can take that particular piece from the pile.  Students can take turns playing (or one student can keep taking turns) until they have enough pieces to complete a “potato peep.”  Visual is provided so students know what pieces they need!  If cards run out and no one has a complete potato peep, the student with the most parts is the winner! (48 cards in each game!)


-Game targets:
Synonyms: Students must express a synonym for the word on the card selected.
Antonyms: Students must express a synonym for the word on the card selected.
Multiple Meaning Words: Students must express at least 2 meanings for the word on the card selected.
Adjectives: Students must express an adjective appropriate for the noun on the card selected.
Wh- Questions: Students must answer the question on the card selected.

**Blank set is provided so you can add your own targets to each game!

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