Producing Complete Sentences: Sorting Cards

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I recently posted this picture on Instagram:

I had many requests to share these pictures!  I used the mailboxes that I got at Target's Dollar Spot.  I took this concept and created an activity that you can use with these mailboxes or any other method preferred to sort or pick cards from piles.  OK…let me explain!

I provided three WH visuals for students to sort the cards into.  They can also take one from each pile to create complete sentences (“who” did “what” “where”).

Students can express their sentences and then record them onto the worksheets I provided.

Other goals that can be addressed:
-asking and answering questions
-eliciting conversational exchanges
-discriminating between absurdities and realistic sentences

Oh by the way…these cards fit perfectly in the Cariboo so can be used with that game as well!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!