Pronoun Scouts!! New Download & Freebie!

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Many have requested materials to work on pronouns.  I found fun and adorable Girl & Boy scout clip art and new I had to use it for a pronoun activity (or 2!).

Practice understanding and using the following pronouns: I, Me, Us, We, She, He, Her, and Him with this fun Boy & Girl Scout activity!

In this file:

-Visuals for each skill

-Card games for each skill:  Students will pick a card and determine which pronoun (based on the skill being worked on) would complete the cloze sentence using the rules on the visuals.  Set of “on my honor” cards to be used with each card game.  If that card is selected, the student gets another turn!  The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

-Review worksheets for each skill

-Skills addressed in pack:

I vs. Me
Us vs. We
She vs. Her
He vs. Him

Grab this download HERE!

I also created a fun freebie activity to try out!  This basic pronoun sort is easy to put together and use!

Using this file:
-Three pronoun cards are provided: he, she, and they.  Each card has a sentence strip to encourage complete sentences with has/have.

-3 pages of object cards

-Students can decide which pronoun should “possess” or take the various items and use it in a sentence.

Grab this freebie HERE!!  If you like it, please leave feedback!

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