Reading Comprehension Camp: App Review!


You might have seen advertisements on Smarty Ear's website or Facebook page for their newest app, Reading Comprehension Camp!  This app is PERFECT for SLPs working in a public school setting and other professionals working on reading/auditory comprehension.

This app uses an adorable camping theme.  You can set student profiles to collect data.  You can work with up to 4 students at a time using this app.

Here are the settings you can alter for the overall activity:

Once you decide which students you want to work with, you can select the story from a wide variety and levels.  You can also create your own story and questions as well!  This is great if you have students with specific interests.

Level 1 is designed for early readers (2nd & 3rd grade).
Level 5 with a Flesch-Kincaid readability level of 6-7 grades, is designed for older students.

Once the story opens, you can read the story to your students, record and play back audio of the story, or have students read/record themselves.  The stories come with an image to help illustrate.

Here are the settings available from the story page:

Once ready, you can click “quiz” to take the students to the questions.  You can select the question types (basic or higher level thinking):

You can select on top which students you want to answer each question type, it does not switch the students for you.  Students can check their work right after responding to the multiple choice questions.  If the answer is correct, a soft chime is heard. If the answer is incorrect, the wrong answer is eliminated.

They can also click “hint” which is a great feature to help students learn to locate the clues in the story!!

Here is an example of an easier story and basic wh- question quiz:


Once all question types are answered or you are finished with the activity, you can click done.  You can access score reports from the “lounge.”  You can share these scores via email or can send to the Therapy Report Center.


Learn more about this $19.99 app by visiting iTunes!