Sequencing & Recall for Older Students!

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Work on sequencing and recall based on three paragraphs with this fun activity pack!  This interactive activity is a fun way to work on a boring skill!


In this file:

-Three paragraph stories separated by paragraphs (each story has a different colored border).

-Comprehension questions for each story (border color matches the story).

-Graphic organizer for note taking (beginning, middle, end).

-Worksheet for review: Read the three paragraph story. Number the sentences provided in the correct order based on the story read.

Some suggestions on how to use this activity:

story at a time for your students.


students place
the three paragraphs into the correct order and tell the story out loud.


use the graphic organizer to take notes about each part of the story.  Encourage them to write only key terms or


them pick a question card to help assess recall and understanding.


work on another story or wait for a later session.Access this download HERE!