80: Should I Know Their Reading Level?

Should I Know Their Reading Level?




It can be a challenge to find materials that are both at a lower reading level and include age-appropriate language skills and concepts.

These materials are so important to find and use though because there is evidence that shows that when we work on age-appropriate language skills with our students, we can boost their reading.

If we bring in materials that are too challenging for them, too simple, or not age-appropriate, our students will have a hard time building their confidence and their skills.

To help you with this challenge, I am covering how to know what materials to bring in to help your students in this episode. I am then getting into how to use them once you have them.


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What to look at to understand your students level
  • How to find discrepancies in data
  • Resources for getting Lexile information
  • Making sure that your materials are not too simple or challenging
  • What happens when you don’t use age-appropriate materials


We need to really make sure that we're finding the appropriate materials to use so that our students are not embarrassed by what they are working on. Remember, our ultimate goal is to see our students succeed, progress, and build their confidence, and they're not going to do that if we bring in materials that are too challenging for them.

If you need help determining where your students are functioning independently and structurally, grab my free critical thinking probes! You can find them at http://speechtimefun.com/criticalthinkingprobes

There are even more episodes coming up in this series that ultimately cover how to help older students become more successful. Each one will provide helpful tips, advice, and information that will save you tons of time and stress, so make sure to keep tuning in!

Should I Know Their Reading Level?

Joke of the Week:

Q:  What game do you play after eating Taco Bell.

A: Fart night.


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