Slam Dunk Grammar: to, too, and two App Review! And Giveaway!

Looking for new apps and ways to work on grammar skills?!  How about those tricky to, too, twos?!  I found this app floating on Pinterest and knew I had to try it out!  Not only was I given the opportunity to, but I was provided with 5 copies to giveaway to you!  The generous people over at Electrokite made this possible!

This very inexpensive app, only $.99 allows you to practice using those tricky works in cloze sentences.  They provided a motivating piece of basketball to make it fun and exciting.

As you see, you are provided with a tool bar on the bottom.  When you click the light bulb, you are presented with the “tricks to winning.”  Students tap the basketballs to open up those tricks.  It is a great way to review before playing the game.


When you click the game controller, you are presented with cloze sentences for students to click the appropriate basketball to complete.  When they are correct, the basketball is shot into the basket.  When incorrect, you are provided with chances to try again.  By clicking the arrows under “language arts” you can move to the next sentence.  As you can see also, you can click the pencil to write notes on the page for the students.  The developers of this app started out by creating games for interactive whiteboards.  This feature reminded me of those types of games.  You can put reminders up for your students.

When you click the paint, you are presented with this page.  You can write the sentences for your students or let them write them to each other.  If you click the key, it brings up quick reminders without leaving that page.

Overall, I think this is a great and affordable app to work on this skill.  I wish there was a score keeping feature and more ways to make settings such as difficulty of sentences.  Want to learn more?  Visit iTunes or their website to learn more about this app and more!

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