Snowmen All Year Companion Pack!

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I recently came across this website, We Give Books.  This website is a great way to get access to some popular books that you may not already have in your personal library.  I have always been familiar with the story, “Snowmen at Night.”  I decided to create an activity pack for another favorite,  “Snowmen All Year” by Caralyn Buehne.


You can find this story here too!

In this file:

-Verb Tense Sort:  Present, past, and future tenses of verbs found in the story are available to sort into the correct pile.  Each verb is on a snowball.  Students must pick the correct snowman to sort it into.


-Comprehension Board Game:  Students can practice their recall and comprehension skills on the task cards to move across the board game.  Various question types are used for practice.


-Describing With Adjectives: Most of the  adjectives from story are provided on cards (jackets).  Students must express nouns that can be used to describe it best.  Can it be described with more than one adjective?


-/S/ Cluster Practice:  Each card has a “sn” cluster.  Students must correctly produce it in order to hold onto the card. f the student responds correctly, they can hold onto the card.  If they pick the card, “snow ball fight,” they will lose a turn!  The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.


You can have access to this pack HERE!

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