So Many Ideas Available Online….How Do I Organize It All?!

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, TpT, Snapchat, and now Periscope.  How do organize it all?!

Are you overwhelmed and wondering how you can remember it all so you can use it?!  I am going to share some tips for organizing all of the ideas floating around so that you remember to use it!

My Idea Diary Blog Post - Organizing Ideas Available Online

Tip 1:

Pinterest boards.  Most ideas you see on Facebook or Instagram can be found elsewhere (blog, TpT, or other website).  You can have multiple Pinterest boards so you can find things more easily.  If you just have 1 board, it can take forever to find all of the ideas pinned into it.  Why not have one for articulation, fluency, language, etc.?  If you see an idea you like on Instagram, you can try to find it on a website and pin it into a specific board so you can find it later when you need it.

Tip 2:

Dropbox or Google Photos app.  You can use both for free (Dropbox up to a certain amount of space).  If you see an idea while browsing on your phone (Facebook, Instagram, or Periscope), you can take a screenshot and then upload the image into one of those apps.  You can make folders in the app to separate it by goal or age group.

Tip 3:

Jot it down!  Do you tend to browse for ideas at the same time of the day?  Keep a journal, notebook, or paper ready to jot down the idea so you don't forget!  Keep a nice log and use it when ready to lesson plan.  What do I mean by this?  Well…you are in luck!  I created a FREEBIE for you to jot down ideas you find online!

My idea Diary - Speech Time Fun

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Do you have another method that is working for you?  Please comment below!  I would love to hear about it!  If you try out one of these three tips and it works, let me know too!!

View my video from my Periscope all about it below: