Soaring into Space! Articulation Game!

Speech-Language Pathologists are always looking for more materials to target articulation. I took a poll on my blog to see what sounds you were looking for. You asked, I answered!  Introducing, Soaring into Space!


This fun, space themed board game will address /k/, /th/, and /r/ in the initial, medial, and final position of words in isolation. Most words included are CVC (some multi-syllabic words are included). How to use this download? Print and laminate the game board. Print and laminate the game cards. Grab your game pawns and a dice or spinner.
Students roll/spin and move their piece along game board. Each piece they land on has a number. That number is the amount of times they must produce the card you present to them. Want to work on the phrase, sentence, or conversational level? Instruct your students to use that word at that level! You can also use the words to boost vocabulary, answering questions, and improve fluency as well!

Want a sneak peak of more?

Initial /k/:

Final /k/:

Medial /k/:

Initial /th/ (voiced and voiceless included):

Final /th/:

Medial /th/:

Initial /r/:

Final /r/:

Medial /r/:

Other ways you can use this download?  Print each game card twice and use the cards for matching/memory games!!  Enjoy practicing your articulation sounds with this fun space activity!!  Think this activity will be useful in your therapy room?  Visit my TpT page!