76: Social Skills Through Books?! with Kimberley Delude

ocial Skills Through Books?! with Kimberley Delude



How do you help your students with their social skills?

My guest, Kimberly Delude, and I are talking all about social skills and how to work on social skills through books in this episode. She is the perfect person to be talking to about this because she actually wrote her own books to help promote language growth and social skills.

Kimberly Delude is a Speech Pathologist in public schools. By day she enjoys helping her students find their voices, while at night she writes. She is the author of two popular series: Freddie the Fly and Fairy Tales 2.0. The former is a series that helps kids learn a variety of social skills through fun lessons that don't feel like learning. The latter is a series of books for at-home practice that parents can easily employ.

I love the idea of using books and thinking of ways to incorporate literacy-based activities into speech sessions, so I am so glad that Kimberly shares her ideas, insight, and inspiration on incorporating books to work on social skills!


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How to use a book in general in a speech session from start to finish
  • Knowing what areas to focus on with social skills
  • How to get a better understanding of the things we don’t see
  • Why practice and collaboration are so important for carryover
  • Creative strategies for working on social skills
  • How often to utilize the same book and incorporate it

As someone who has some of Kimberly's books, I can say that they are so awesome and helpful. Go check them out because I highly, highly recommend them!

Kimberly is giving away one of her books! Send her a DM @thespeechvine with the word “coffee” for a chance to win a copy of it! This giveaway ends Friday, July 16th!

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ocial Skills Through Books?! with Kimberley Delude


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A: He was homesick!


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