Space Sentence Scramble!

Many have requested more materials to work on sentence structure and producing longer, complex sentences.  My students enjoy sentence scrambles in my therapy room.  I decided to make a fun, space themed pack filled with sentence scrambles to share with you!

In this file:
4-word sentences divided into 4 cards with 1 word on each.
5-word sentences divided into 5 cards with 1 word on each.
6-word sentences divided into 6 cards with 1 word on each.

Each sentence has the same graphic to help distinguish between them after you cut and laminate them.  I recommend using the same card stock or construction paper to back each set of cards to distinguish between the 4-word, 5-word, and 6-word sentences.

Take each set of cards and have students work to rearrange them to develop an appropriate sentence.

Sentences can be statements, questions, or both.

A board game is provided to allow students to take turns once they have produced a sentence.

Two review worksheets are provided at the end for home practice or review.

This activity pack is available at my TpT store!  Enjoy it!