Speech Basketball Time

After hearing some of my older students talk about basketball, professional and college, I decided to bring that theme into my speech room!  Introducing, Speech Basketball Time!

I have many groups with students needed specific goals, how do you address all without singling any students out!??!  Throw all targets in the activity like I did!  I used a dice maker (and followed the instructions on it for putting it together) to create a dice with all of the choices on it.  Whatever type of “basket” they roll, they take a card out of that envelope (you could also use lunch bags as well).  Once they respond accurately using their prompts and visuals and whatever other strategies they use, they can get the point value.  I kept score on my dry erase board.  I let my students write and keep score for themselves for that extra motivating piece!!  They even got to practice their math skills in order to figure out who won!

Foul shot – grammar practice!  Nouns and verb tenses.  They must figure out if its a regular or irregular one!  Once they complete the cloze sentence they can get their point.

Slam Dunk – vocabulary practice!  Synonyms and antonyms.  They must use their context clues strategies to figure out which type the cloze sentence requires.

Three Pointer – listening comprehension!  I read them the card and asked them the question.  Once they used their listening for key words strategy and responded accurately, they got their 3 points!

My students had a blast practicing using their strategies for their grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension goals.  I hope your students will to!! Let me know!!  If you download and use, comment!  I would love to hear from you!

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