Speech Page Product Review!


A while back I reviewed some products from the company, Speech Page.  You can access it HERE.  I was honored when they contacted me again to review more products for you!  Remember the thoughts and opinions are all mine!




This activity pack comes laminated on a binder clip.  Great for easy use, storage, and long term safe keeping.  What does it include?  8 pages with 9 images on each!  What's on each page?
  • snowman
  • pizza
  • flower
  • fish tank
  • fruit bowl
  • cow
  • robot
  • Easter eggs
On the top of each page are directions for the students: “Listen carefully.  Tell me the ____ I am describing.”
What are the students listening for?  This pack comes with a “feature and variable chart prompts and samples page.”  It helps guide you to meet the goals!!  It breaks down prompts per picture page:
  • feature: “hat color” “open banana”
  • variables: yes/no, colors, tall/short, numbers
  • sample prompts (but you can create dozens more in addition to those provided): “show me the snowman that…” “…has a green hat” “…has 3 buttons, a green hat, and a red scarf”
These detail descriptions can be as simple or complex as you like!  Great for individualization and can modify for the different needs in a group.
Other ideas for use:
  • Can have students make own pictures with descriptions you say and try to match it to an image on the page.  Who can be the closest?
  • Compare/contrast
  • Work on describing concepts (can even use with the EET!)
  • Working on auditory memory
This great product is only $18.97!
This pack comes laminated and in a large Zip lock bag.  Great for safe keeping and storage.
What is included?  5 pages which have 4 sequences of 4 pictures on each!  The pictures are on each page with Velcro.  Under each picture is a # 1-4 representing the sequence.  Pictures are color coded to make it easy to keep them together and for students to easily see how they go to together.  The pictures are seasonal (carving a pumpkin) and generic (pouring juice).  They are all mixed together on each page, but you can easily mix and match them to your liking.  Want all the food picture sequences on one page?  Just move them to do so!!  You can also have your students pick out from a pile of all of the pictures all of the food pictures and then determine which ones go together!
Directions are included on the top of each page for the students: “Put the pictures in the proper order at the bottom.  Tell me what is happening in each.”  I love how the directions prompt receptive and expressive tasks!
This $22.49 activity comes with 20 sequencing pictures total!  The graphics are cute but covers so many concepts seen in children's worlds!
Last but not least, this activity comes also laminated and in a large Zip lock bag.  I love how they think about what SLPs like in terms of storage and safe keeping!  We love this stuff!!  In the Zip lock contains 6 pages.  On each is a chart with pictures: 3 nouns, 6 verbs, 3 nouns.  On the bottom of each page is a noun-verb-noun visual for how to create a simple sentence.  Students can take the picture cards from the chart, place them into the visual, create a sentence and then express it using appropriate verb tenses.
There is a reminder on each page: “No ‘ed' endings!  What if it happened yesterday? right now? tomorrow?”  I love the reminders for no -ed!!  I also love the prompts for past, present, and future tenses!  All of the verbs included are irregular past tense verbs in their present tense form.  They all need to be changed to make all the verb tenses.
How do I plan on using this activity?
  • I can give each student a page and they can mix and match pictures to make sentences.  We can work on one verb tense at a time while learning or I can make it interesting and pick a card with each (past, present, future) to prompt them to use that one each time!
  • You can put all pictures from all 6 pages in the middle.  Can students sort the subjects, verbs, objects?
  • Competition to create the silliest sentence!  Students can even illustrate their silly sentences on construction paper!
  • What's wrong?  Have students receptively make sentences, then you can express it using the wrong verb tense (like adding -ed!).  Can they identify if you are right or wrong!?
This great activity pack is only $15.97.
I love how Speech Page thinks of SLPs and makes activities interactive, easy storage, and easily adaptive to needs of our students.  I look forward to  using these products with my students and learning more about their other great products!!