Speech Therapy Tool Kit! (app review & product giveaway!!)

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I was recently contacted by the developer, Doonan Speech Therapy about their free app, Speech Therapy Tool Kit.  Yes, you read correctly, FREE!  This developer created all of the amazing Speech with Milo apps!  Keep reading about this free app and how it can make your life easier and how you can win a product from their store to celebrate the launch of their new free app!!

Look at all of the features on their main page!!  I will go through each one for you to see!!

Therapy ideas: this is just like their free therapy ideas app.  They moved it to this app!  You can browse different ideas and submit your own driven through Twitter!

Coloring Book: There are four coloring pages free for you.  There are tons more if you “unlock.”  I will explain the unlocking later on!  The coloring pages use Milo and has fun different seasonal and fun themes.  Students can color right on the app and then print out their masterpieces!  This is a fun reinforcer after using any of the Speech with Milo apps!

Articulation Homework Sheets:  Do you have the Speech with Milo Articulation Board Game Pro App?  These worksheets will work great as an easy way to send home practice of sounds/target words used in the app.  Unfortunately, only the uncommon sounds are free.  The common articulation targets require you to “unlock.”  You can easily print these worksheets right from the app!


Sticker Reward Chart:  You can enter in all of your students and create a sticker reward chart right in this app!  No need to purchase stickers!  Two stickers are free, the others need to be “unlocked.”  But isn't 2 enough?!  I love it how you can clear the chart whenever you want!

Attendance Ticker: This requires you to be “unlocked.”  Since I am not, sorry, I could not show you this feature!

Therapy Notes:  You can enter in your students (same lists carryover from all the other features in this app that require student names.  Only need to input names once!)  You can easily document therapy notes right on this app.  You can put goals in, attendance and progress!!  You can save and print from this page!

Goal Tracker:  You can enter in all your students goals and have them in one place for you to easily “check.”  You can document accuracy, cue level, all in one spot!  Again, you can save and print right from here!

IEP Calendar:  This feature I am probably most excited about!  You can enter in all dates and it will keep them together and organized!  No missing IEP meetings, no missing dates when progress notes are due!

Last but not least, Age Calculator:  No need to figure it out on your own again!! Woohoo!

So what is this “unlocking?”

Although this app is free, you can get access to TONS more if you “unlock.”  You can subscribe monthly for 99 cents or purchase each tool separately if you only want one or two.  I recommend trying it out free and see if this is something you can benefit from if you had more features.  If you use many Speech with Milo apps, I definitely recommend using this app and considering “unlocking.”  Once I start working with  my students and using the free features, I know I will consider the monthly subscription.

Like this FREE app?!  To celebrate, the developers have offered to giveaway one of their stuffed Milo animal!!  Learn more about it by clicking HERE!  Enter to win one of these adorable stuffed animals below!  Great to use with their apps to make it interactive and bring them to life!!

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